Bummy at the Met Gala

The way we look from our hair to our clothes really depends on how we’re feeling & what we’re doing. Target usually gets the bare minimum from you but the baby shower of shorty who always throwing shade but invited you anyways gets the waviest pinterest inspired fit so she knows wussup. You get me? Just like we all have our own personalities, we all have our signature look; the look that says “this is something you would wear” & sometimes we try something way out our clothing comfort zone & spend the whole day feeling complete regret even though you look good (I call it the “what the fuck was I thinking I hate it here” look) As different as all our looks May be, we all have the same five looks. We live on a constant scale from homeless to met gala. As much as we wish we always looked like Anna Wintour personally invited us, we can’t. Let me explain. Continue reading “Bummy at the Met Gala”

Mind your own pajón

My Open Letter to Curly Girls

I recently went to my friend Armelis’ senior expo. She’s graduating from FIT (congrats girl!) She made this really cool short film called “own your pajon” — if you’re not Dominican, Pajon is a term used in the Dominican Republic to describe hair that is “not done”. — She wanted her daughter to love her hair so much so that she dedicated her entire senior project to her. #MomGoals. As someone who’s at the salon religiously every weekend & hasn’t seen her curly hair since circa 2005, i was moved, not to the point where I’m going to go natural, let’s not get crazy, but it gave a voice to a topic that needed a lot of understanding; Hair. 

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Un-break my heart, no Toni

So, you got dubbed. You realllllyyyy liked them and they didn’t feel the same way about you. OK. It’s okay. I’m here. I’ve been dumped, ghosted, hurt, all that There’s no “you’ll be okay” “everything happens for a reason” “it’s for the best” … Kindly shut the hell up. . That shit hurts. There’s nothing anybody can tell you to make you feel better, just ignore everyone… this entire post will contradict everything I just said, because this is literally a post to help you get over a break up even though I just said don’t listen to anybody on how to get over a break up. Maybe right now you don’t want to hear it, and that’s okay. Bookmark this until you’re done crying. Since I’ve been there so many times, I feel like I know what I’m talking about and I should share with you how to get over this nonsense. (Again, when you’re ready… don’t let me tell you when to do it.) 

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A post about college, that has nothing to do with actual college

It really doesn’t matter what your major is, college is hard. For the past 12 years, you’ve been told what to do and what classes to take. When you couldn’t figure something out you could just go up to your teacher during class. You had your friendships that you spent years building and as gross as it was the food was free. Ok, so now you graduated… shit is about to go down. You pick your classes by yourself, (you pay for them too). You have to make an appointment with your professor (yeah, that’s what they call them in college), just to ask a simple question about the reading. You don’t have friends and you pay steakhouse prices for shitty food at this weird ass cafeteria and eat by yourself. Right so, so far all I’ve done is complain about college, but I promise you it’s not THAT bad. The college experience is much more than the education part of it. If you go fresh out of high school, it’s your first dose of the real world. If you go a little later, you ask yourself why the hell you didn’t do this sooner because your brain seems to not retain information as great as It did In your early years from all the partying you decided to do instead of going straight to college.

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“Dominican Spanish” It’s a thing and everyone needs to hear about it.

I was born and raised in New York City by Dominican parents. Being Dominican is really a blessing. The culture, the food, the beauty that is our Quisqueya la Bella. It’s great until you’re in Spanish class and you’re told that Poloche is not a word… what you mean it’s not? You know the shirt you wear, with the collar? Poloche? Oh, you mean, Polo Shirt…? Our parents have been in this country longer than we have and somehow, English is still a foreign language to them. “Dominican Spanish” is truly one of a kind. It’s a language all on its own. I decided to share with you guys the Top 5 most commonly used Dominican words/phrases to make your interaction with us a little bit easier.   

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